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Welcome to the Lutkenhaus Lab!

Polymers are essential to modern life. However, there still remains a wealth of knowledge to discover regarding novel polymeric materials, processing techniques, and applications.


Our lab explores polymers for plastic power, enabling flexible or structural batteries and capacitors, as well as polyelectrolytes, which are integral components in smart surfaces and coatings.

Fall 2023


Lab Values Statement

Here at the Lutkenhaus lab, we believe every member has a unique perspective, which in turn betters our research group. We believe that true academic and professional success comes from creating a culture where all can thrive. Within our lab, it is important to us that everyone feels accepted and welcomed, as community fosters excellence. We celebrate members of diverse backgrounds and thoughts. Through cultivating such environment, it is pivotal that respect is valued and practiced.  

Students in the Lutkenhaus lab are engaged in the TAMU community beyond research.

Lab members have been involved in campus chapters/organizations such as: 

Keep up with news from Dr. Lutkenhaus

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers

  • CHEN/MSEN Graduate Student Advisory Council

  • Black Graduate Student Association

  • Energy Research Society

  • Student Engineers' Council

  • Women in Materials Science

  • Academy for Future Faulty

and more!

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